Julius Weil

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    Just try and look away, I dare you.

    Julius has a wealth of advertising and branding experience. From top tier accounts such as Avis, Hasbro, New Jersey Nets, and the Martin Short Doll, he has personally cornered the market in hard-hitting effective branding. Memorable, impactful, and totally unforgettable, Julius aces the difficult task of creating memorable advertising that consistently delivers a brand message.

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    Getting attention is easy, selling is the hard part.

    Many brands today waste their marketing budget either on commercials that try and create a splash or that are quickly forgotten mouthing-off marketing lingo. To sell, in today’s competitive market, requires more. You have to connect with your consumer, entertain, and convince them why your product fits in the print.

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    Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

    From his immigrant roots in Romania, Julius earned his BA in media from the ritzy School of Visual Arts in New York City and honed his skills at large agencies such as FCB and boutiques such as Griffin Bacal and Berenter Greenhouse & Webster.

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    Julius’ Career Highlights

    • International Film Festival Award
    • Numerous Blue Marble™ awards for excellence in Children’s advertising
    • One Show Pencil for AIG
    • Heading up the ToyBiz/Marvel group for Berenter Greenhouse & Webster
    • Directing spots for various clients
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    Creative Management

    Supervised the creative and brand identity for multiple Milton Bradley and HASBRO brands.

    Go-to man for brand identity in the growing and increasingly important world of movie tie-in products.

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    Toy Management

    • Creative Director at Bozel overseeing all Tyco Toy brands
    • Creative Director at Griffin Bacal supervising five brands
    • Creative Director at Berenter overseeing all Marvel movie licenses